Oh my God, the pressure! Write the Perfect blog! Getting started with your blog article might be the toughest part. Incorporate the following components for success. Success is defined not only by the number of opens but also by the shares. Master your craft by understanding the role of each section creating the attention-grabbing headline, opening statement, the hero image, a couple of strategic sub-headers, emotion-evoking content, the How-to section, and strategically placed call-to-action items. Ready? Here’s

How to Write the Perfect Blog

  1. The Headline. The goal of the headline is to grab your reader’s attention. You have about 3 seconds. Here’s where you include the most highly searched keyword phrase.
  2. The Opening Statement. Key insight. Direct marketers have long known that if you get people to read your first 3-4 sentences, they are more likely to read your entire article. The point of your Opening statement is to get people to read your opening. Take Action Save the image to the left for future reference.
  3. Half-width Image. Images add interest. They help tell your story. 5 powerful reasons to add images to your blog. Search engines are looking for images. They index them. It’s another way to raise your ranking online. Does the filename of your image matter? Yes! Please name it using the best keyword phrase that you did hard work researching. Images are known to provoke more social media shares. That’s free advertising! Take Action: See what other images look like and change the colors to fit your brand, change the text to fit your title, and your most import keyword phrase.
  4. SubHead. This sub-head has one main goal. To entice your people to read your first piece of content. That’s it! How? Make a promise to your readers… give them a benefit.
  5. Content. Connect Emotionally. Your first piece of content should aim to trigger an emotion in your reader. When people get emotional, they tend to pay attention to. They are more likely to take action after being put into an emotional state.
  6. First CTA #1 – call-to-action. Use a ‘click to tweet’ quote right here. Why? Who do people quote? People quote authorities. Enticing people to quote you positions you as an authority. Plus, people like tweeting quotes and you’ll get more traffic from social media as a result.

A Content Marketing strategy is about 25% of a successful marketing plan. You need to drive traffic to your engaging content. Learn more about our program to your success in Get Your Blog Done Monthly workshop

Hey YOU!  Pay attention! Step 1 – Trigger an emotion. Find out the 8 more ways to get their attention!

  1. Sub-head #2. Promise #2. Here’s where you tell people exactly what they’ll learn. The step-by-step method. The How-to. You already connected. Now’s the time to get them to take action.
  2. The How-To Section. Give people practical, easy to implement advice. Get people results and they’ll remember you forever. Also, practical useful content is the most viral content.
  3. CTA #2. Buy or Subscribe? Here’s where you close out your article with another call-to-action. You can include a ‘buy now’ or ‘subscribe’. I usually use subscribe.

89 Ways Inbound Marketing Creates Customers

What does a Blog Look Like?

There is design to a blog. As you write, not only does the content need to keep the readers’ attention but the content needs to be well organized, have the proper white space. Being organized means that the reader should be able to skim down the page to get an idea of the topics you discuss in your writing. That is done by having relevant subtitles that make sense without reading the paragraph. As you do your keyword research, you’ll find out what questions people are asking as they search for your information on the web. It is a good strategy to use these questions as subtitles in your content. And then answer them. No more than 2 paragraphs per subtitle is a good rule of thumb. Take a look at this blog article How to Format the Perfect Blog to get a visual.

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