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Digital advertising ad banners and other formats are becoming ineffective for attracting business. Ad fraud is rampant. So are ad blockers. Businesses are challenged to reach consumers in new ways, and in ways that delight rather than anger them.

Content marketing informs, educates, entertains, and is there when you want it rather than when you don’t. Now, companies respond to new customer expectations with relevant content at every stage of their purchase decision journey.

Why CONTENT Matters in Marketing.
Meaningful content promotes positive customer experiences.
Content is King, SEO is Queen, so Get Your Blog Done Monthly Workshop

What You Get

2020 Content Marketing Calendar by Hit-the-Web Marketing

Content Marketing Calendar

This tool helps you plan and organize the content for the rest of the year.

  • What to post on your Blog
  • What are the primary keywords to use across multiple platforms
  • Lead Magnets in your emails
  • Social Media Lead Magnets

Structure Your Blog

How to write content that connects emotionally with your visitors with

  • Attention-grabbing Headlines
  • Entertaining Content
  • Insightful Images
  • Enticing Subheadings
  • Enticing Call-to-Actions

Brainstorm Ideas

Keyword research is essential to finding out what content is worth spending your time writing. Don’t waste your time writing content no one is searching for.


SEO by Hit-the-Web Marketing

Win Higher Ranking 

We help you make sure you have all the key SEO elements in place using our OnPage SEO WordPress Checklist.


Get Ready to Create Exciting Content for your Visitors.

  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • Structuring your blog
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Getting all the key WordPress SEO elements in place
  • Drafting promo social posts
  • Knowing you’re getting this important task DONE each and every month.

Annual Membership great offer

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Your Questions. Our Answers

Who should attend this Workshop? Who is Content Writing For?
Content isn’t just for marketers. Content is important across the organization, primarily in public-facing functions such as sales, HR, customer service, product development and in the executive suite.

Add to that, teams in social media, thought leadership, real-time marketing, recruitment and customer service, and the demand has never been higher for continual content creation, refinement, repurposing and reformatting.

Why should I choose Hit-the-Web Marketing Get Your Blog Done Monthly Workshops?
Hit-the-Web Marketing has been writing content for websites, blogs, presentations for over 20 years. There’s a science to writing content based on what buyers search habits. We show you how to perform the keyword research that sets you in the right direction.
I've been writing content for years. Why do I need Get Your Blog Done Monthly Workshops?
Content can help elevate numerous functions, from social selling to diverting calls from a call center to most cost-efficient digital channels. Smart organizations evangelize this message for cost savings, employee empowerment, thought leadership and other benefits.
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