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Hi. I’m Carol.

Entrepreneur. Owner. Author.
of The Retail Factor blog.

I formed Hit-the-Web Marketing in 2009 to create a website design & digital marketing agency. Drawing on over 25 years of technology, sales, marketing, and business ownership experience I had a vision of providing services to help other businesses build, maintain, and grow their business online. Building websites that work for you 24/7. 

I witnessed too many businesses wasting money on websites that are pretty but don’t do anything to grow the business. In fact, they can’t be found because they are built on the illusion that ‘websites are just brochureware’.

In search of a better way to build websites that work for each company, I theorized that website developers mixed with straight-talking professional business advisors versus fast-talking graphic designers were long overdue for companies to be successful online. Hit-the-Web Marketing was born with a vision for websites with the end goals in mind.

When I’m not designing websites, doing this online marketing stuff, or writing, I love getting out and swing dancing with friends. I’m always out power walking, going to the beach, kayaking, or practicing speaking Italian. At home, I have an awesome cat named Maggie. I’m also out wining and dining in and around Boston.

What Can We Do For You?

We can work with you to design a website and marketing strategy that actually works. You’ll get a website that looks fantastic but also attracts and engages your potential customers, helping generate leads, sales and profits.

How Much Will This Cost?

A discussion about your requirements is completely free of charge.

Solutions are tailored to meet your budget and success goals.  Websites have been delivered costing just a few hundreds dollars a month or for payments of a few thousand. It all comes down to our discussion. If you want a website that generates millions of dollars in sales your budget will obviously be bigger. If you’re a small business then your goals and costs will be more realistic. At least to start with.

What Should I Do?

Click the link below and fill in the form. I’ll reply with a few questions… we can then have a discussion and get to know each other. You’ll learn what I can do specifically for your business and gain some free advice. Then you can decide if you want to work with us to help grow your business.

What is Hit-the-Web Marketing?

We are Builders. We love the challenge of building a website and marketing campaigns from scratch into something scalable and successful.

We are Craftsman. We build your website around a lead-generating strategy. Then, we go to work building your email list, driving traffic to your website, converting visitors into customers, and nurturing and retaining your customers. You can either have us do the work for you, while you build your business and do what you love to do, OR we teach you how to implement an online marketing strategy in parallel with your business goals, that is unique to your company and the customers you want to work with.

We know the ins and outs of developing and implementing a strong marketing strategy. We have a long history of developing websites, we know the technology and we thrive on the speed at which technology is evolving to allow us to market businesses online. We can help you solve many types of online marketing issues you may be experiencing with your website. We get results. Just ask!

About Carol Scalzo - Owner of Hit-the-Web Marketing

Using Online Marketing As Your Strategic Weapon

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We work with retail companies who want to grow their business through eCommerce websites. We have over 20 years of experience in building sites that help retail companies manage and grow their business online. The question is… Are you ready to get serious about growing your business?


Many luxury builders don’t have the time or the desire to build websites or online marketing strategies for their business. You are too busy building and managing the everyday operations of the business. You may not understand how the technology behind online marketing can help you build your business in a cost-effective and strategic manner. Partner with Hit-the-Web Marketing and watch your results increase.


We work with SMBs in Energy, Healthcare, Technology, Government Agencies, Home Improvement companies.  


Universities have challenges maintaining security for their students, faculty, and staff in many facets. We work with universities to provide proactive plans for website security. Cyber attacks on websites can create a substantial financial loss from hackers who hold research and data for ransom. Many times the students, Professors who provide research for strategic allies, store their data without involving IT. This can leave their confidential information wide open to hackers looking to steal this information for foreign and domestic spies. Hackers make a very good living by stealing research, competitive intelligence, and selling to those who will pay a hefty fee.

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