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A website strategy will help you thoroughly plan and track the progress of your digital experience in your website development game plan.

Websites without a strategy struggle with:

Purpose. “What’s the point of our website?”
Vision. “Where’s your website/business going?”
Audience. “Are we giving your visitors a good experience?”
The Right Tactics. SEO, Paid Ads, or Social Media?”
Measurement. “How do we know if your website is effective & we’re getting a ROI?”

User Experience 

Usability of website design is about creating an enjoyable, friendly experience that reflects your user’s personas. With intuitive navigation and relevant content, your website will provide a smooth and seamless buyer journey for your target audience. Ultimately the aim is in connecting the business goals to the user’s needs.

Define Your User Persona

Developing a great user experience starts with knowing who your visitors are on a personal level. Instead of only imagining customers as potential conversions, creating a fictitious user who is representative of your target audience with their

  • Name,
  • Background,
  • Skills,
  • Age,
  • Education level, and
  • What platform they use to get to your website

can provide huge dividends for a business. The purpose of user research is figuring out what your visitors’ objectives are when visiting your website. The User Persona is going to help you plan your content strategy.

The Journey. Listing out a step-by-step process on how a user persona would navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for will provide insights into designing a user-friendly website. A user persona that reflects your target audience will give you an understanding of everything you need to know about your visitors, from how to map your wireframes to where to place content for the people it is meant to serve.

Website Strategy by Hit-the-Web Marketing

Designing A Wireframe

Just like a home builder needs a floor plan, your website needs a solid architecture so it’s easy to navigate.

We develop a wireframe or diagram, that shows how content flows from page to page. This shows how your website displays the products or services that you offer. We help you prioritize your products or services for easy accessibility while other less important pages can be deeper in the site’s navigation. A carefully thought out wireframe also helps determine the placement of individual elements on a page.

Intuitive Navigation

A natural, intuitive navigation on your website is comparable to a simple, but informative sales pitch that explains who you are, what you have to offer, and how to purchase the products or services you are selling. With an organized website that has consistent navigation, visitors will become comfortable and familiar with exploring your online business. This will help you gain their trust, bring them back to the site, and get them to convert.

Analyze the Competition

We perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. This helps determine which types of online marketing channels you should focus your marketing budget on and where you can cut costs by eliminating ineffective tactics. Carefully planning and analyzing your digital growth over time and executing a digital marketing campaign takes patience and perseverance, but can be a massive addition to your brand influence when done correctly.

Measure Your Success!

Use Real Data to Affect Positive Changes using Google Analytics to measure. Analyzing the results will help ensure you make improvements in the right areas. Update on a daily or a weekly basis. Review often for monthly or quarterly goals.

With over a billion websites, attracting visitors to your site is as important, and as difficult, as ever. As business owners, we have to measure and analyze a number of crucial metrics in order to improve our strategies, stay relevant with our target audience, and fight for the attention of the internet’s three billion users.

For Lead Generating websites, measure the Traffic, Traffic Source, Lead Volume, Conversion Rate, Revenue originating from web leads, Cost Per Lead, and Revenue Per Visit. Most importantly….

Are your CUSTOMERS Satisfied?

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