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Based in Weymouth, MA, EXO-TEC manufactures specialist products and delivers consulting services to the construction industry. The company is a leading powerhouse in constructing leak-proof buildings.

EXO-TEC has been in business for several decades and has a solid, loyal customer base.

However, the company’s website needed an urgent revamp. The site was slow and unresponsive and was hampering their online perception, especially in the crucial mobile market.

Hit-the-Web Marketing was engaged to transform EXO-TEC’s online profile with a killer website redesign and digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s what happened next.

The Challenge.

From Dull to Delightful, Conversion-Winning Site

EXO-TEC Website Redesign - Before and After by Hit-the-Web Marketing When EXO-TEC came to Hit-the-Web Marketing to redesign their website, they had a ten-year-old site built in HTML that was not mobile-friendly.

EXO-TEC’s existing website already enjoyed significant traffic. However, its impaired performance on mobile platforms meant the company had poor order volume from this vital channel. And with 40% of overall traffic coming from mobiles, this was a big issue for the business. EXO-TEC also wanted an easy way for prospects to order samples over the website.

As a leading authority on leak-proof buildings, the site no longer matched EXO-TEC’s brand. It was crystal clear they needed a new bold and responsive site that left site visitors in doubt of their credentials.

However, as an already popular site, we knew we had to preserve the navigation page names and create redirects for the new website. That way, we would maintain ten years of search engine optimization and bookmarks.

The Solutions.

Full Website Revamp & Digital Campaigns

Services provided by Hit-the-Web Marketing:

  • Mobile-friendly website redesign
  • Free Online sample ordering
  • Content and SEO
  • Email campaign management
  • Social media campaign management

Once we had a good understanding of EXO-TEC’s target audience, goals, and pain points, we developed a six-step plan. The aim was to address immediate issues, scale the campaigns and drive long-term sustained growth.

Develop Mobile-Friendly Site

First, we built a mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website. The previous site had poor conversion rates on mobile devices. We expected 10% of future traffic to come from mobile devices, so this was an essential step.

The Outcome. We saw a 20% increase in mobile usage  

Implement Inbound Marketing.

The traffic driver piece of the puzzle was implementing an inbound marketing strategy – blogging and email marketing.

First, we needed a central platform to manage and track all website activities. We chose Google Analytics because it has tools for everything we want to do.

We started blogging and running monthly email campaigns. We wrote engaging educational blog posts for the commercial construction industry, optimized content for Search Engines, and started posting regular content on EXO-TEC’s social media channels.

The Outcome. We saw an 88% increase in traffic from organic search

Website Security & Maintenance Plan

Finally, to ensure the safety of visitors and clients, we implemented the website security and maintenance plan for managing all aspects of website security and updates.

 Outcome: Safe and secure experience for visitors

The Results.

Sustained Growth Across All Metrics

Performance improved across the board almost immediately. Each level in our six-step plan boosted growth significantly and built on top of each other.

Navigation and the overall look and feel of the site were improved to enhance the user experience. We made it super easy for prospects to find what they needed. The company’s solutions were given upfront prominence and call-to-actions really popped.

We finally had a multi-faceted, fully weaponized digital marketing campaign to go after prospects through all channels – social, organic, content, and email.

Overall, there is a dramatic improvement in every aspect of EXO-TEC’s business

  • $.5 million in new revenue
  • 1,079% improvement in sample orders for Stand-off MPV Brackets and Jam-Ex window jams
  • Conversion rate improvement of 52.4%
  • Inbound and email campaigns grew order volume by another 20%

The Benefits.

Winning Design Compliments EXO-TEC’s Powerhouse Brand

EXO-TEC’s old site was hampering their business. While they had a reputation for being the best in the country, website visitors did not get this impression.

Hit-the-Web Marketing’s robust discovery phase made it easy for us to focus on the most critical site goals. And it helped us create a site that portrays their winning reputation online.

Now EXO-TEC’s customers have a more streamlined user experience. Solutions to pain points and calls-to-action grab the attention of both desktop and mobile users. And customers can easily engage with the company from any device.

From an immersive web presence to beautiful functionality on mobile phones and tablets, the new-look EXO-TEC experience better compliments the brand’s reputation.

A website redesign is a high-level overhaul that involves significantly changing elements like the code, content, structure, and visuals of your current website to better serve your visitors. A great website redesign tends to boost revenue, lower bounce rates, and improve user experience.

Consider a redesign if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are rebranding, if your website is more than 3 years old, if updating the theme, plugins, etc are outdated and cause problems every time you try to update the software.

Quick Summary. EXO-TEC’s Website Redesign

EXO-TEC Website Redesign Mobile Friendly by Hit-the-Web MarketingMigrate the website from HTML to a dynamic WordPress content management system. Add several Call-To-Actions – newsletter signup, Request a consultation, and the ability to order free samples online for the Stand-Off MPV Bracket and the JamEx. Email campaigns notify EXO-TEC’s tribe of new articles as they are published. And they are made available on the website for those who missed them or are not yet on the VIP email list.

Free samples boost sales by as much as 2,000%. You can use free product samples to: Introduce your product to new audiences unfamiliar with your brand. Foster relationships and inspire loyalty with existing customers.

Want to explore how we can work the same magic with your website? Get in touch for a free consultation.

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