If you are looking for a video content marketing platform, there is no better option than YouTube. It is the second most visited website with 2 billion active users. Most audiences spend their time watching videos on the internet. 

The marketers are also ready to invest in their brand and put more ads to promote their digital advertising brand.

If you want to create a good channel that continually gives the best quality content that people want, you will get more attention and eyeballs that you need to drive customer acquisition through YouTube.

Now, we are going to see 7 ways to optimize your video to boost Youtube visibility. These seven steps must be included when you are making videos. 

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the primary process of identifying popular search queries that are relevant to customers’ interests. Many marketers utilize this process, and they will add search words or phrases into their content, which helps to aim their target audience so that they will rank higher on search engine result pages and get more potential customers.

Are the keywords most important? 

Yes, Keyword research is essential to improve your SEO, and it helps promote your business to broad audiences and get you more qualified leads. The ultimate aim of SEO and web marketing is to increase our brand’s visibility and improve traffic keywords in your website. It also helps to get ranking in SERP pages and display more quickly when the audience searches for your products or services.

How to Boost Youtube Visibility by Hit-The-Web MarketingMore tools are available to get high-quality keywords and fetch exact keywords related to your content. Google keyword planner is one of the best tools to get the perfect keywords. One tool Hit-the-Web Marketing uses is Keyword Surfer.

2. Do Competitor Research

The most important method to improve your marketing is competitor analysis. Before making your video, you will research your competitors. Then, you analyze your competitor’s videos, what type of keywords they use, and their content strategies. 

How do you find your competitors on YouTube? 

  • Perform research with hashtags related to your sector.
  • Whenever you can see similar or recommended videos, they are your competitors. YouTube shows you similar content.
  • Surf through keywords for other channels positioned on YouTube

How do you analyze your competitors?

Spend time on your competitor’s videos. And take notes gathering important information.

  • Metrics of your competitor videos such as likes, comments, shares, and watch hours, 
  • Which categorized video gets the most views from the audience?
  • What types of videos, blogs, case studies are your Competitors consistently posting?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you will obtain good knowledge about the video content of your competition. 

3. High-Quality Content

Making content is common for all YouTubers, but what’s special for you? The audience expectation may vary day by day. So, before making content, you should analyze which category of video you will choose. Then, check your equipment like a camera, microphone, Tripod, and check light settings. These are all important strategies to create content. 

After completing your video, you should edit it because some unwanted scenes may enter into the sequence while taking the video. So, before uploading the video, you should edit it properly. There is so much software available in the market. 

Also, you can play some music and remove background noise in your video. Then your video takes some extra hearts from your audience. After posting the video, you should check the metrics such as likes, dislikes, and especially comments. Getting more YouTube comments impressively and creating curiosity among the audience! 

4. Where do you apply the Keywords? 

Now you are ready to make a video, and then you should know how to rank your video on SERP pages. So, you need to learn some essential strategies about the ranking process. 

Once you login to your Youtube, goto channel videos and find the video to optimize. Hover over the video, click the pencil icon to edit. Here’s where you’ll add your video title, description, select the thumbnail, select playlists, add hashtags, and select the proper category.

Video Title: Keywords play a big part in your video title, and it should be short, informative, and must grab the audience. Also, it helps to have the title closely match what the audience is searching for! The title should be less than 65 characters. Placing your keywords at the beginning of the title is most effective and gets rank easily. 

Video Description: This is one of the amazing sections to establish your brand additionally. You can add 2-3 keywords in the section. It helps to get rank easily and appears when the users search for it. Also, you can include the CTA options in this part, which most helps your audience. The video description must be 5000 characters, including your keywords.

Video Thumbnail: Thumbnail is the heart of the video content because the audience enters the YouTube channel; the first thing your visitor sees is the thumbnail. Thus, catchy thumbnails are so important to get the audience. 

YouTube allows you to create auto-generated thumbnails for your video. Check to make sure it highlights the content of your video in the best light. 

5. Create a Playlist to Improve Your Watch Time

Creating playlists is the most robust way to increase your watch time on YouTube. Making playlists helps when one video is ending; the next YouTube video plays automatically in the sequence. The playlist aims to get attention and effectively transferred from video to video.

Also, it helps to split your videos into categories. Whenever the audience searches for the videos, they can easily determine your videos. Playlists break up the video’s file size into smaller individual videos so that uploading can be completed more quickly.

6. Bonus – To improve Your YouTube Marketing

Create Paid Promotions

If you want to promote your video instantly, using paid promotions will help you gain immediate visibility. Many influencers are ready to post your video. 


In the advanced settings, you will apply 100 characters of tags that round out the scope of your channel’s metadata. Many marketers are not following to use metatags. Using metatags helps improve your rank in SERP pages, and more audiences will be inclined to click through to your website.


Your video will be played anywhere in the world! Anyone can access the video easily with the help of subtitles. The subtitles and closed captions can enhance your YouTube optimization by highlighting effective keywords! So add the CC or subtitles while uploading the content.

7. Measure Your YouTube Video Performance

After uploading every video, it’s important to track the performance. Using YouTube analytics, you can measure video performance, such as watch time, views, subscribers, CTR, revenue, audience metrics, and unique viewers. 

How to use YouTube analytics

  1. Login to your YouTube account.
  2. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner, then select YouTube Studio
  3. From the Channel Dashboard, select Analytics from the left-hand menu
  4. From the dashboard, under Analytics, click View More.

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