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7 Elements of an Effective Website Strategy

Does your website strategy accelerate growth? The success of your business depends on a winning plan. With the website as the center of your business foundation, as well as marketing, customer support, employees, business partners, sales, business partners, and PR. 7 Elements of an Effective Website Strategy 1. Know what you want – Set Organizational Goals What are you trying to accomplish? Be mindful of website usability and design from your client’s perspective. How can we use the website to achieve organizational objectives? Possible  organizational website objectives Increase sales▪Generate...
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What Should Your Website Strategy Be?

Your website is your profit center. It is the foundation of your online marketing strategy. Today we’re going to show you… how the right website strategy mixed with clear content and On-Page SEO must work together for the success of your online presence. Well done keyword research will lead you to the right keyword phrases to use in developing your content and optimizing for search engines (SEO). This research tells you how customers are searching for your products and services online and it is directing the search engines to serve your business information on the first page of search...
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What’s the difference between a Home Page and a Landing Page?

What’s the difference between a Home Page and a Landing Page? Many people ask me…. what’s the difference between a Home Page and a Landing page? It’s important to know how to design pages that get leads. Home pages have different goals than your landing pages. Every page on your website needs to have a strategy, quantifiable goals and a very specific business impact if you want your site to get found and drive leads for your company. The website needs to tell a story; the beginning, the middle and the end. Every page has a role in the buyer’s journey. The Awareness stage,...
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