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6 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Working for You? In this article, we discuss 6 tips to Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Ideas that will help you get found the way people are searching for you online. The LinkedIn Profile Banner, LinkedIn Profile Picture, Profile keywords, Your LinkedIn Contact information, the Summary section, and LinkedIn PULSE. 1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Banner The LinkedIn profile banner, located at the top of your profile above your profile picture, is an area of opportunity to build your business brand. Fun Enterprises gets their brand across by showing how they create fun in the...
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Why Use Instagram for Business?

Why use Instagram for business? Instagram is s great way to expand the audience for your business. Instagram has over 400 million daily active users. Since the past two years the amount of users has doubled.  About 51% are male, 49% are females. The number of monthly active users in the US in 2016 was 78 million. Let’s talk 9 Tips Using Instagram for Business. “Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online– making them 70% more likely to do so than non-users” and 50% of users follow brands. How does Instagram Work? Learn the Lingo. In Instagram,...
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