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Get Your Blog Done. You Know Why. Here’s How.

Stressed out? Know you need a blog. Not sure how you’ll carve out time? Stop worrying. We’ll help you get it done every month! Here’s how. Get  Your Blog Done! Do you struggle to carve out the time to work on your blog or newsletter? Do you wish you had help when you sit down to write it? Do you need someone to help you with accountability and staying on track? We want to help. Follow our 3 steps to blogging success! You NEED New Content – Consistently Ensuring that you have new content on your website *regularly* is crucial in helping people find you when searching for the...
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What were our most read insightful articles in 2017?

Before we begin to accelerate into the new year, we thought we would pause and take a look back through the articles we posted in 2017. Our articles covered a range of marketing and sales related topics, but these 4 were the most popular and here’s why we think they resonated with the business community. Here are our 4 most read Insight articles from 2017: Website Strategy What Should Your Website Strategy Be? Are you using your website to full potential? Your website is your profit center. It is the foundation of your online marketing strategy.We show you how the right website strategy mixed with...
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How To Use Your 2018 Content Marketing Calendar

Knowing how to use your 2018 content marketing calendar will save you so much time. Here’s how! Yes, I want to Download the 2018 Content Marketing Calendar HTWM Content Marketing Calendar 2018 spreadsheet How to use your template Columns 1 and 2: Day and Date The first two columns list the day and date in which you will post your content. In column 1, we highlighted major U.S. holidays and observances. If you’d like to modify them, here is a good website with a lists of major and minor holidays, as well as those fun, “weird” observance days. Column 3: Social Media Updates / Blog Post Teaser and...
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Learn How To Create the Perfect Blog

Learn How to Create the Perfect Blog and optimize it for search engines by applying our On-Page SEO Checklist for 2017. Did You Know New Content is the Way to Win Higher Ranking for your Website? Create a Content Strategy Based on Your Business Goals and Sales Process.    As they say in marketing, “Content is King.” Done right, it will attract your perfect customer. A blog is a great way to help drive brand awareness and increase your website SEO ranking! Our first workshop in May 2017 was a success. From it evolved this workshop called ‘Get Your Blog Done’ as a way to make...
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How To Write the Perfect Blog

Oh my God, the pressure! Write the Perfect blog! Getting started with your blog article might be the toughest part. Incorporate the following components for success. Success is defined not only by the number of opens but also the shares. Master your craft by understanding the role of each section creating the attention-grabbing headline, opening statement, the hero image, a couple strategic sub-headers, emotion-evoking content, the How-to section and strategically placed call-to-action items. The Headline. The goal of the headline is to grab your reader’s attention. You have about 3 seconds. Here’s...
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