The Best 2019 Content Calendar Template. Get Organized.

Knowing how to use your 2019 content marketing calendar will save you so much time. Here’s how!

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The Best 2019 Content Marketing Calendar. Get Organized.

How to use your content marketing template

Columns 1 and 2: Day and Date

The first two columns list the day and date in HTWMContentCalendar2019 which you will post your content. In column 1, we highlighted major U.S. holidays and observances. This is so you can use holidays to sell your products and services as often done by the retail industry.

Column 3: Social Media Updates / Blog Post Teaser and Link

In this column, write your social media updates or blog post “teasers” (remember to insert the hyperlink to your blog post).

What is a blog post teaser? Say you have an article listing 11 ways to Build Your Email List. “One way to build your email list is…. See more ways to build your email list now!” and link to your article. Don’t give your reader the entire article up front.

I draft updates about a month in advance. At the beginning of each week or each month, we schedule our updates using Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, or Post Planner scheduling tools.

A Content Marketing strategy is about 25% of a successful marketing plan. You need to drive traffic to your engaging content. Learn more about our program to your success in Best Way to Spend $1000 Marketing Your Business.

Column 4: Social Channels Posted To

In this column, note which social channel you’re scheduling or posting to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Google+, and Pinterest.

Often, we’ll schedule identical content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, so in Column 5, we note FB, L, G+, IG. Instagram and Twitter are similar in that you use hashtags to attract your audience.

We write a similar-but-shorter update for Twitter, it only allows 140 characters. We compose the tweet in Column 3, and note that it’s for Twitter.

Not sure which social media to use for your business? Hit-the-Web Marketing partners with CWE. We have classes coming up in March 2019.

  1. Blogging and SEO March 14, 2019
  2. Facebook for Small Businesses is now open for registration. Feel free to share the link.   March 21, 2019, Providence RI
  3. Pinterest and Instagram for Small Businesses is now open for registration. Feel Free to share the link.  March 28, 2019, Providence RI

Column 5: Content Buckets

In this column, list the content buckets into which you are filing the post. A content bucket is a visual way to apply a theme. This helps in organizing your posts. We organize our posts into six content buckets; introduce, inform, interact, inspire, entertain and influence.

Content Buckets; Introduce, Inform, Interact, Inspire, Entertain, Influence

Content buckets remind you to publish a variety of content types (images, videos, links, text-only) on a variety of topics or themes.

1. Introduce

These posts help our fans get to know the person behind the brandThey can be fun, goofy, random, reflective, inspirational… whatever you want. But they need to be candid and to reflect the “real” you.  You might introduce a person, your company, products, services you offer. Make it interesting.

Need help writing an Introduction? Here are 3 steps on How to Write an Introduction and grab the reader’s attention.

  1. Grab the readers attention. This looks different for every piece of writing.
  2. Present the reason for the post-existence.
  3. Explain how the post will help correct the problem that brought your reader to it.

2. Educate

Help your followers solve a problem or meet a challenge by offering a wealth of niche-related educational content. This is my favorite content bucket; as many as 80% of my updates are informational.

3. Interact

We all know that social media is intended to be relational and interactive. Yet many of us (myself included) forget to ask our followers to participate in the conversation. Are you asking questions? Challenge your followers to do something you’ve taught them.

4. Inspire

Motivate or encourage your fans with graphics, videos, quotes, success stories, and testimonials.

5. Entertain

Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them go aaaaah.

6. Influence

Be extremely careful about overwhelming your fans with “buy my stuff” posts. Limit promotional content to about 25% of your posts.

Recommended reading: “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk

Column 6: Keyword Phrase

In this column, list the keyword phrase you want your blog article to rank for. You’ll know this by performing keyword research prior to starting your blog posts. Creating content calendars for better SEO.

Carry the keyword phrase into social media for maximum impact.

Quick Tips

Mix-and-match social media updates into multiple content buckets. Write an update that is both informational and interactive, by sharing a tip and then challenging your followers to put your tip into practice.

Or write an entertaining “influence” post. Promote a product or service you offer, but do it in such an entertaining way that your fans don’t even realize you’re promoting something.

Link to other people’s content. One of the best ways to establish authority in your niche is to serve as a reliable source of information. My personal goal is to link to other people’s articles, blog posts, or social updates 40-60% of the time.

Backlinks. You’re quoting other bloggers, ask them to link back to you.

Give yourself permission to move things around. Monitor how your updates are performing on various social channels, and adjust regularly.

Save As. We manage social media accounts for several clients, so before we start filling in the calendar, we first save a blank calendar for each client.

Don’t forget to Track and Measure Your Results

Common Content Marketing Goals and Metrics


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Keep in mind the best practices for Creating the Perfect Blog.

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Get Organized. Download our 2018 Content Marketing Calendar.

1. Get Organized

Plan out the topics you’ll write for the next 6 to 12 months. Manage your social media, keyword phrases and blog teaser using our Content Marketing Calendar for 2018.  Read more to find out how to make the best use of your content marketing calendar.


2. How to Format the Perfect Blog

Are you quickly throwing words on the page and expecting your readers to enjoy reading! Or are you creating an experience? Think about the experience they create in a restaurant. It starts with their How To Format the Perfect Blog, Before & Afterpersonality, where they seat you, how they get you started; a drink, an appetizer, the specials. When you receive your food, is it like a work of art how they display the food on the plate? how attentive they are to you. This is so much more fun than when you order take out. Put this positive energy into your blog posts. Create the Experience. Wow them!

  • Use Catchy Subtitles
  • Use Relevant Images
  • Include Bullet Lists
  • Have at least One Call-To-Action – Capture their email!

On-Page SEO Checklist 20183. Write for humans.

And then, get to work appeasing the Search Engine God’s. Get our On-Page SEO Checklist 2018.




Make It Happen! Need Help?

We want to make this part of marketing your business as easy as possible, so we share our blog content to take you through the process to getting your blog done every month.

How We Help Our Customers

Don’t want to do this Yourself? Hit-the-Web Marketing will write your company blog for you. We will 

  • Brainstorm ideas with your business goals and objectives in mind
  • Perform keyword research
  • Map the content to the Content Marketing Calendar
  • Write the content for Humans
  • Optimize for search engines

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Some of Our Work

Next Month we’ll Give You 3 Successful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

What were our most read insightful articles in 2017?

Before we begin to accelerate into the new year, we thought we would pause and take a look back through the articles we posted in 2017. Our articles covered a range of marketing and sales related topics, but these 4 were the most popular and here’s why we think they resonated with the business community.

Here are our 4 most read Insight articles from 2017:

Website Strategy

  1. What Should Your Website Strategy Be? Are you using your website to full potential? Your website is your profit center. It is the foundation of your online marketing strategy.We show you how the right website strategy mixed with best practices, SEO, and engaging content crafting will help you create a winning online presence that can help you generate more leads, sell more products, increase brand awareness, and free you and your employees up to handle more business.We repurposed this article into a workshop and received excellent reviews. Join us! Register to attend our next workshop February 7, 2018.    [button link=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Register Now[/button]

Get Organized with our Content Marketing Calendar

  1. Get Organized. Download our 2017 Content Marketing Calendar and Learn How to Use It.  Visit our website to download the 2018 Content Marketing Calendar. How will you use content as a means to introduce and educate your target audience about your products and services? This article helps you plan content 3, 6, 9 months to a year.

On-Page SEO Checklist 2018

  1. On-Page SEO Checklist 2018.  Make no mistake, SEO [search engine optimization] isn’t just for search engines, it’s for humans too. Utilize SEO strategies such as subtitles; this will organize your content, making it easier for your visitors to read through and remember the information.  Get our 13 point checklist to ensure your success to higher ranking.

How to Write the Perfect Blog

  1. How to Write the Perfect Blog  Master your craft by understanding the role of each section creating the attention-grabbing headline, opening statement, the hero image, a couple strategic sub-headers, emotion-evoking content, the How-to section and strategically placed call-to-action items. The infographics helps you see the big picture.

As Neil Patel explains, your successful click-thru-rate is in the attention grabbing Call-to-Action headlines.

As we look back at this past year, we’re happy how much the online community has grown and all that we’ve accomplished together. We’ve had a busy year and we have so many cool things planned for 2018. So, stay tuned and we’ll have loads more to tell you soon.

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Learn How To Create the Perfect Blog

Learn How to Create the Perfect Blog

Attend Get Your Blog Done Monthly - we hold you accountable - you gain website assetsand optimize it for search engines by applying our On-Page SEO Checklist for 2017.

Did You Know New Content is the Way to Win Higher Ranking for your Website? Create a Content Strategy Based on Your Business Goals and Sales Process.   

As they say in marketing, “Content is King.” Done right, it will attract your perfect customer. A blog is a great way to help drive brand awareness and increase your website SEO ranking! Our first workshop in May 2017 was a success. From it evolved this workshop called ‘Get Your Blog Done’ as a way to make sure we dedicate at least 3 hours a month and roll out at least one blog. 2 to 4 is better but you do what you can.

In this three hour workshop, you will Learn how to

  • Plan & Prepare for your next blog and every blog thereafter. With our help, you’ll see how to perform SEO Keyword research that will lead you to the right keyword phrases to use when developing your blog content.
  • Choose Content: We’ll help you know HOW to choose the most effective content (images, video, etc) to attract your perfect customer.
  • Build the Blog: You’ll learn HOW to structure your blog content to get the best results (for humans and search engines).

Apply Our On-Page SEO Checklist for 2017

If Content is King, then SEO is the Messenger. Make no mistake, SEO matters! Clear content and SEO must work together to create a successful online presence. You’ve worked hard to put content together for your website page or blog. Why not take time and make sure the search engines are going to notice?

The goal is to get content ranking on the first page of search results. We’ll show you:

  • How to apply on-page SEO tactics — no coding required!

Who Should Attend:

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Marketing team, Bloggers, Content Marketers, Content Writers, anyone in online marketing industry.


  • $69 for drop-ins
  • 6 – month membership for $60/month ($360)
  • 12 – month membership for $55/month ($660)
Questions? Want to add this topic to one of your events? Contact Carol by email or call (781) 996-9163 today.

5 Take-Aways from this workshop – How to Create the Perfect Blog

  1. How to perform effective keyword research.
  2. An Infographic of the layout of the Perfect Blog.
  3. Lifetime access to the 9 Ways to optimize the content for On-Page SEO in 2017.
  4. Hands on experience with two instructors in group collaboration.
  5. Savings of $80 of the usual 1-1 phone consultation with Hit-the-Web Marketing.

Your Instructors

Deb Goeschel is a creative and effective communicator through content. She has a strong belief that by empowering cause- and mission-driven businesses and entrepreneurs with the ability to effectively share their vision, she can help make a positive impact on the world. She helps business owners find the success they deserve through business-transforming marketing. Just because you own a smaller business, doesn’t mean you should settle for small marketing and profits!
Carol Scalzo is an experienced website developer and digital marketing strategy consultant. She manages email and lead nurturing, paid marketing, and ecommerce channels for companies. Carol knows the ins and outs of developing and implementing a strong marketing strategy. She is passionate about teaching marketers and business owners how to effectively utilize digital marketing to drive more leads and customers to your business.

How To Write the Perfect Blog

Oh my God, the pressure! Write the Perfect blog! Getting started with your blog article might be the toughest part. Incorporate the following components for success. Success is defined not only by the number of opens but also the shares. Master your craft by understanding the role of each section creating the attention-grabbing headline, opening statement, the hero image, a couple strategic sub-headers, emotion-evoking content, the How-to section and strategically placed call-to-action items.

  1. The Headline. The goal of the headline is to grab your reader’s attention. You have about 3 seconds. Here’s where you include the most highly searched keyword phrase.
  2. The Opening Statement. Key insight. Direct marketers have long known that if you get people to read your first 3-4 sentences, they are more likely to read your entire article. The point of your Opening statement is to get people to read your opening. Take Action Save the image to the left for future reference.
  3. Half-width Image. Images add interest. They help tell your story. 5 powerful reasons to add images to your blog. Search engines are looking for images. They index them. It’s another way to raise your ranking online. Does the filename of your image matter? Yes! Please name it using the best keyword phrase that you did hard work researching. Images are known to provoke more social media shares. That’s free advertising! Take Action: See what others images look like and change the colors to fit your brand, change the text to fit your title and your most import keyword phrase.
  4. SubHead. This sub-head has one main goal. To entice your people to read your first piece of content. That’s it! How? Make a promise to your readers… give them a benefit.
  5. Content. Connect Emotionally. Your first piece of content should aim to trigger an emotion in your reader. When people get emotional, they tend to pay attention. They are more likely to take action after being put into an emotional state.
  6. First CTA #1 – call-to-action. Use a ‘click to tweet’ quote right here. Why? Who do people quote? People quote authorities. Enticing people to quote you, positions you as an authority. Plus, people like tweeting quotes and you’ll get more traffic from social media as a result.

A Content Marketing strategy is about 25% of a successful marketing plan. You need to drive traffic to your engaging content. Learn more about our program to your success in Best Way to Spend $1000 Marketing Your Business.

Hey YOU!  Pay attention! Step 1 – Trigger an emotion. Find out the 8 more ways to get their attention!

  1. Sub-head #2. Promise #2. Here’s where you tell people exactly what they’ll learn. The step-by-step method. The How-to. You already connected. Now’s the time to get them to take action.
  2. The How-To Section. Give people practical, easy to implement advice. Get people results and they’ll remember you forever. Also, practical useful content is the most viral content.
  3. CTA #2. Buy or Subscribe? Here’s where you close out your article with another call-to-action. You can include a ‘buy now’ or ‘subscribe’. I usually use subscribe.

89 Ways Inbound Marketing Creates Customers by Hit-the-Web Marketing



How can we help you with content marketing and driving traffic to your blog? Customer Service is available to take your call 781-996-9163.

How To Format the Perfect Blog

Many bloggers go to work writing, writing, writing. However, they fail to remember to make the content visually appealing and easy to scan. We need to include a basic format to make the content easy to read. Image to the Left. Look familiar? Would you want to read on?

Let’s get started.

  1. First, Create an SEO Friendly headline. And refer to the On-Page SEO Checklist for more details.
  2. Have only one Header 1 title. Use your best keyword phrase as the Main Title.
  3. Have 5-6 Header 2 subtitles.
  4. Write 2-3 sentences per paragraph. Use appropriate subtitles to provide an overview of the content.
  5. Create a Call-to-Action in the middle and near the end of the post. Make them count. Get email signup for your newsletter so you can nurture them into a client. Provide a ebook download to offer value.
  6. Insert at least 1 hero image or video
  7. Create Alt tags for images using your best searched keywords and the name of the company for whom you are writing. Assuming your research for the best keyword phrase, use the same keyword phrase you use in the title of this article. for example, ‘How To Format The Perfect Blog by Carol Scalzo of Hit-the-Web Marketing’. This is why your images need to be relevant to your content. Also, if the image is turned off, the description here will tell the visitor the meaning of the image. If the person is blind, the computer will use the Alt tag to read the description out loud.
  8. Create at least 2 internal links to complimentary pages or pages you want to boost ranking for in search engines.
  9. Create an external link to a high authority website. One that is very popular AND well regarded. (no hacker or porn sites)
  10. Make sure hyperlinks and images Open in A New Tab.
  11. Have social media buttons so visitors can share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

A Content Marketing strategy is about 25% of a successful marketing plan. You need to drive traffic to your engaging content. Learn more about our program to your success in Best Way to Spend $1000 Marketing Your Business.

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Just a few tweaks and you can get your content ranking higher because it converts. Work toward making it look like the following:

How To Format The Perfect BlogThe second image to the left shows what a blog strengthened with blog best practices and search engine optimization looks like. The goal is to use WordPress SEO tactics. What’s good? Check the Readability and SEO. The Goal is for Readability to be Good. Define Good! The copy score for this blog scores 78.2% which is fairly easy to read. The goal is to be 65% or higher.

A free resource to help you obtain search engine optimization best practices is to install

the SEO for Yoast plugin for WordPress. If you are unsure how to install this plugin, feel free to contact Carol at Hit-the-Web Marketing by calling 781.996.9163

Find out how every one of your blog articles can convert. We periodically run a 3 hour workshop to show how this is done.

You’ll learn

How To Format the Perfect Blog, Before & After

How to Write the Perfect Blog and How to Apply On-Page SEO for 2017. Learn this once and you can apply it many times over. Worth $1000’s.

Coming Soon! Get organized and plan your content marketing strategy. Download our 2017 Content Marketing Calendar. 

and learn how to use it.


89 Ways Inbound Marketing Creates Customers by Hit-the-Web Marketing