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“I am pleased to offer the following testimonial regarding our recent experiences with Carol Scalzo and her company “Hit-the-Web Marketing. Carol is very knowledgeable about web design and construction and exemplifies a high level of professionalism. She strives to include the most modern ideas and technological advances in her product development.

Carol helped Paramount Industries, Inc. transform its outdated website into an updated modern website with complete e-commerce services. We are a company with limited IT fluent staff with regards to website design and Carol educated and trained us to use our new website in an easy, simple manner. She is very easy to work with and strives to make all learning experiences long lasting and memorable.

We enjoy working with Carol because she quickly grasps the concept of what we want to accomplish. Her easy-going manner, high desire to please and strong determination to get the job done is unsurpassed. She also is very cognizant of the budget allotted for projects and is able to work well within the budget.

In the development process of our new website, Hit-the-Web Marketing was able to supply all facets of the project from product photo images to total website mechanics such as ordering processes, payment systems, and other e-commerce solutions. We have seen a continued increase in sales due to our new website and feel very strongly that it will continue.

As we add to our website, we will look forward to working with Carol. Working with Carol is like having a valuable, dedicated person on staff. As President of Paramount Industries, Inc., I strongly recommend Carol Scalzo and “Hit-the-Web Marketing” to anyone needing marketing and website design.”

Robert Parrella

President / Owner, Paramount Industries, Inc.

“Carol Scalzo is your consummate IT and e-commerce professional. If you are in need of digitizing your business and making it more profitable, Carol is your resource. In the ever-changing world of tech services, Carol will be your steady guide and your ultimate go-to person. I highly recommend her!”
Bill Grotevant

Vice-President, Human Resources, Katena

“Hit-the-Web Marketing and Carol Scalzo have been working with us for the past few years. Initially, Carol designed and implemented our website, then redid it this year. Recently, Carol has been working with us to help create “traffic” to our website by using strategies such as blogging, social media marketing – social media linking between our website and social media platforms such at twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. We have noticed an increase in website traffic. We have always found Carol to be very professional and responsive to our requests. We highly recommend her and Hit-The-Web Marketing for website designs and social media marketing.”

John Connaughton

President / Owner, Connaughton Construction

“Carol is very knowledgeable about her craft, everything to do with website marketing, she goes beyond design and was committed to our project. I highly recommend Carol for digital marketing and website design.”

Mary Malaszek

Founder, Market Directions

“I have known Carol for the past 20 years; first as a Colleague, then as a hired consultant on a number of Research and Development programs I directed. I found Carol to be a creative and enthusiastic member of the team. She brought a fresh perspective to all the projects she was associated with, and I could count on her to deliver her portions of the project accurately and on time.
I relied on her to provide critical input as we developed various IT related approaches to our programs. Specifically, my company was tasked with the development of a Liquid Natural Gas outreach program that required the implementation of an LNG web site. Carol was directly responsible for all facets of that Consultant Website Development. The site will be an invaluable asset to the education of other utilities and ultimately the general public. While the website is not currently available to the general public it has been used as a model for upstate New York utilities.
I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking to develop a customer-focused IT program or for someone who can bring fresh ideas to the table. I would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you may have about our experience working with Carol.”
Robert Stiles

President / Owner, AET Solutions

“Carol’s professionalism and work ethic are unrivaled. She has worked with me on a number of different web-based matters, and the results have been nothing less than amazing. Carol’s work with strategic updates on my Linkedin page has dramatically increased my visibility. This increased exposure, in turn, has directly resulted in numerous professional opportunities. Although detail-oriented, she also has the ability to see the entire picture. She does not lose sight of the personal aspect of her business either. I thoroughly recommend Carol and Hit-The-Web Marketing for any individual or company that is looking to grow their business through web-based marketing.”
Joseph Uradnik

Associate Examiner, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

“Carol helped me a lot with SEO and in particular, Google Analytics and Adwords. She was able to identify the top producing keywords and then make recommendations about how to incorporate those into my ads. As a new business owner, I didn’t have time to learn how to do this and Carol really provided me with some excellent tips and tools to maintain my own Adwords campaigns. She was punctual and willing to spend as much time with me as needed to resolve any issues I had. I would highly recommend Carol as your SEO/Google specialist.”
Chris Lehman

President / Owner, Eastern Sun Acupuncture

“I have worked with Carol and she has been a value ad to our organization. She is a dedicated individual and will achieve the goals of any project assigned to her.”
Patricia Gagne

President / Owner, TMS Inc.

“Carol worked as a member of the team supporting communication & collaboration and web development solutions. Her work generated positive customer feedback and was performed within budget and scope.”
Scott Martin

Manager, Eberdola

“The workshop this morning was a great success. The three presenters did an excellent job conveying lots of information in an interesting format that kept the audience engaged throughout the morning.”
James M. Barrows

Associate Director of Community Relations, Harvard University

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“What a professional and informative presentation Carol! My best to you and your colleagues”
Bill Hulsey

Mentor, SCORE

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