Website Security Checklist for Universities

Why Use Our Website Security Checklist?

Not everybody visits your website with good intentions. Hidden among your loyal visitors are hackers, phishers, and data miners. These people work overtime coming up with new ways to create havoc, steal sensitive information, and corrupt your website. That’s why it’s essential to check your website security. And this website security checklist can help!

We can’t tell you how many people procrastinate making sure their website is secure. We know. We waited. We want to keep you from suffering the heartache of waking up one day to find out your business is halted and you have to recreate your entire website.

With this free Website Security Checklist download, you’ll learn:

  • Manage WordPress Security
  • How to Limit Access
  • Manage Hosting Security
  • Check if Your Site is Blacklisted
  • Best Secure Software to Use
16 Ways to Improve Website Security by Hit-the-Web Marketing

Fill out the form today and keep your website safe.

You can protect your website, your clients, and your company’s reputation.

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Still Rather talk to someone? Call (781) 996-9163 or email

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