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  • For starters and a big one is for Progressing Your Career. Every business coach will tell you to continue to learn your craft. Whether you are looking for a job or are hoping to progress within your role, there is no denying that the job market is pretty ruthless nowadays.
  • Our online course allows you the flexibility of learning at your own pace. The cost will pay off in the short-term, all the while building an ever-growing long-term asset with a huge ROI. 
  • We provide On-going Support. During and after taking the course you have access to our Private Facebook Club. AND you can join us online every month. We meet every first Wednesday for 3 hours to work on our blog. You can ask me any question.
  • Are you Self-Motivation? Then this class is for you. It makes the fear and learning curve of learning how to blog so you can have success quickly.
  • Share your Passion.
  • Making a Commitment to provide quality content to your prospects and clients improves their lives. This builds your tribe. Your followers.

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why Bother With SEO?
  • How Google Works
  • #1 Google Ranking Factor
  • Deep Dive into Developing Quality Content
  • The 3 Secret Blog Elements to Becoming an Unstoppable Powerhouse!
  • Best Blog Traffic Drivers
  • Analytics

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