Stressed out? Know you need a blog. Not sure how you’ll carve out time? Stop worrying. We’ll help you get it done every month! Here’s how.

Get  Your Blog Done!

  • Do you struggle to carve out the time to work on your blog or newsletter?
  • Do you wish you had help when you sit down to write it?
  • Do you need someone to help you with accountability and staying on track?

We want to help. Follow our 3 steps to blogging success!

You NEED New Content – Consistently

Ensuring that you have new content on your website *regularly* is crucial in helping people find you when searching for the products and services you provide. When it’s done right, that content attracts your perfect customer.

A blog is a great way to provide new content for the search engines to find, help increase brand awareness, and drive your website SEO ranking up … add a newsletter and social posts and you’re on your way!

3 Hours per Month Gets It Done

Get Your Blog Done Today!Carving out time to set up and write your blog, your newsletter, and social posts in your busy wear-all-the-hats schedule can be truly challenging.  And we know it! Our blog posts give you A DIY structure and accountability you need while providing help and guidance to make it all easier. Only 3 hours of focused time each month and you have your month’s blogs written and set up!

IDEA! Make the first Wednesday of every month from 9 AM to 12 PM time to write your blog. WAIT! Don’t publish yet. Take the next 3 steps below first!

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Get Organized. Download our 2018 Content Marketing Calendar.

1. Get Organized

Plan out the topics you’ll write for the next 6 to 12 months. Manage your social media, keyword phrases and blog teaser using our Content Marketing Calendar for 2018.  Read more to find out how to make the best use of your content marketing calendar.


2. How to Format the Perfect Blog

Are you quickly throwing words on the page and expecting your readers to enjoy reading! Or are you creating an experience? Think about the experience they create in a restaurant. It starts with their How To Format the Perfect Blog, Before & Afterpersonality, where they seat you, how they get you started; a drink, an appetizer, the specials. When you receive your food, is it like a work of art how they display the food on the plate? how attentive they are to you. This is so much more fun than when you order take out. Put this positive energy into your blog posts. Create the Experience. Wow them!

  • Use Catchy Subtitles
  • Use Relevant Images
  • Include Bullet Lists
  • Have at least One Call-To-Action – Capture their email!

On-Page SEO Checklist 20183. Write for humans.

And then, get to work appeasing the Search Engine God’s. Get our On-Page SEO Checklist 2018.




Make It Happen! Need Help?

We want to make this part of marketing your business as easy as possible, so we share our blog content to take you through the process to get your blog done every month.

How We Help Our Customers

Don’t want to do this Yourself? Hit-the-Web Marketing will write your company blog for you. We will 

  • Brainstorm ideas with your business goals and objectives in mind
  • Perform keyword research
  • Map the content to the Content Marketing Calendar
  • Write the content for Humans
  • Optimize for search engines

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