B2B Marketing: 5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Your Business Today!

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Do you know the trends or disruptors that can put you out of business? Are you still selling the same way as your competitors; price, product, or service? Did you know today it costs twice as much marketing dollars to get you half the results compared to 15 years ago? Maybe it’s time to revisit your current sales and marketing initiatives. You can only compete so far on price.

Then you’ll want to join Kevin Hallinan and Carol Scalzo for this B2B Sales & Marketing Executive Briefing, Friday, February 28, 2020 at 8:30 am -12:30 EST.

In this Executive Briefing, Kevin and Carol will help you and your teams work together.

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Transform Your Marketing and Sales Process

Reset your prospects’ buying criteria in your favor. Establish yourself as a trusted authority, credible resource, and subject-matter expert in your field. Position yourself as the logical solution to your prospects’ challenges – before you even go for the sale. That way, when it comes time to close, the process occurs smoothly.

The Right Partner Makes All the Difference 

Any salesperson can sell.
Any marketer can market.
But very few have the capability and expertise to combine all these elements into a harmonious plan that ensures success.

Get Your Blog Done Monthly WorkshopsAre you struggling with:

  • Too much Free Consulting, making it easier for your competitors to win?
  • Who is Controlling the Sales Process; Prospect OR Salesperson?
  • Do you have many prospects but not closing enough deals?
  • Is your sales team great at closing but your company does NOT have enough prospects to reach your business goals?

Bring your prospects to the logical conclusion that they need to work with you before you even mention your product or service.

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About B2B Sales & Marketing
In This Executive Briefing, You’ll Learn To:

– Create a sales & marketing partnership in your organization
– Map out marketing content + programming to sales
– Identify and develop opportunities
** Plus you’ll receive templates to apply to your initiatives immediately.

Who Should Attend This Webinar:

  • VP of Marketing
  • Marketing Director
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Content Marketing Director
  • Content Strategist
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • VP of Marketing and Sales

Can’t Attend in Person?

If you can’t attend this executive briefing, we are happy to place you on a waiting list to attend an Executive Briefing in your area. Please call Carol (781) 996-9163 or email. And, we’ll keep you posted on upcoming Executive Briefings.

Must register to attend. Space is limited! 

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About Carol Scalzo

Hi! I’m Carol Scalzo, President of Hit-the-Web Marketing, with a passion for developing and implementing a Carol Scalzo: 5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Business Today.strong marketing strategy, with a long history of developing lead- and sales-generating websites. As a tech geek, I thrive on the speed at which technology is evolving to allow us to automate our businesses online. Since seventy percent of people searching for our products and services are researching online before they call a salesperson, more than half of the sales process depends on marketing efforts. The two teams need to work together to make sure leads convert into customers.
Speaker * Digital Marketing Strategist * Tech-Geek

Carol: Carol@HitTheWebMarketing.com

About Kevin Hallinan

Kevin Hallinan: B2B SalesHi! I’m Kevin Hallinan, Principal of WINNING, Inc., with over 30 years of salestraining, and management success. My passion is providing training and coaching to hundreds of companies in numerous industries boosting sales “rookies”, mid-level managers and seasoned executives to new levels of success. From selling seeds to winning prizes as a young boy, to fundraising door to door in college, to a career in professional selling and management, one might say that selling is “in my blood.”
Engaging Speaker * Dynamic Sales Trainer * Award-Winning Sales Producer

Kevin: KHallinan@WinningInc.com / 617-327-3950