6 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Working for You? In this article, we discuss 6 tips to Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Ideas that will help you get found the way people are searching for you online. The LinkedIn Profile Banner, LinkedIn Profile Picture, Profile keywords, Your LinkedIn Contact information, the Summary section, and LinkedIn PULSE.

6 Tip for Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Banner

The LinkedIn profile banner, located at the top of your profile above your profile picture, is an area of opportunity to build your business brand. Fun Enterprises gets their brand across by showing how they create fun in the corporate world.

TIP Strive for consistency across all your chosen social media platforms. The banner you use choose should be the same across all your social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and Instagram.

2. LinkedIn Profile Picture

Having a recent profile picture is important to your professional visibility and credibility. The choice between having one and not having one, choose to have one.

Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

People want to connect with a face, not this grey shaded image! Take the time to have a picture taken of you. It’s easy these days with our phones having some sharp image cameras.

TIP Remember, this is a business platform. Use an appropriate picture according to the industry you are in. “Joe the plumber” is not going to be in a suit and tie.

A profile image should be a most recent picture of you. Update your image every 1-2 years. Have you ever signed up for a seminar, looked at the presenter’s picture in their LinkedIn profile, when you meet them in person you find out they’re about 20 years older?  Would you tend to trust someone who doesn’t reveal themselves as they are now? Time changes all of us. We want to see the real you.

3. Keywords Matter in Your LinkedIn Profile

Use keywords that describe what you do with the question in mind; How can people find you better? Tricia is thinking of how people search as well as revealing a little bit about herself, striving for transparency.

Keyword Sample  Rather than VP of Social Media, Tricia, a title she has earned,  chose to have fun and describe herself as  Social Media Marketing | Brand Management | Speaker | Having FUN | Always in search of the BEST chocolate chip cookie!

Note: Keywords throughout your profile will help you get found for jobs, if you are in the market. LinkedIn will highlight the keywords you match to a job description. The right keywords get you noticed.

4. Optimize Your LinkedIn Contact Information

LinkedIn has gone through some changes. Make sure your Contact information is up-to-date and not missing. Check on your business phone number and your business email.

The Contact Info button will show up under the number of your connections. I went into mine the other day after Tricia’s seminar. My phone number and email were blank! If I was asked to refer a person in my network and they come up with a missing phone number and email, I’m moving on to the next person.

5. Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary Section

Your LinkedIn summary section should describe what you do. It should also describe where you are going. Interesting summary sections tell your story using text and images. You can add files, such as your resume, add links to your website, social media, and blog. Upload images to visually describe what you do. Even if you are a service business, get ideas of images to use by searching google images. You’ll get ideas using InfoGraphics to help tell your story.

Did you know you can blog on LinkedIn? Add blog articles in your LinkedIn Summary section. If your blog takes off, you receive likes and shares, PULSE picks you up giving you a top ranking. The most recent and most talked about news coming from writers in LinkedIn.

6. What is LinkedIn PULSE?

What is PULSE? PULSE is the news and insights you need to know. LinkedIn syndicates 3 areas: Your News, Top News, and Discover.

When your LinkedIn post shows activity such as Shares, Likes, Favorites of a couple hundred or more, LinkedIn will put your blog article to the top of PULSE. Pretty cool way to get more visibility of your blog articles.

6 Key areas that will Help You Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

Ideas that will help you get found the way people are searching for you online. The LinkedIn Profile Banner, LinkedIn Profile Picture, Profile keywords, Your LinkedIn Contact information, the Summary section, and LinkedIn PULSE.

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Why Use Instagram for Business?

Why use Instagram for business? Instagram is s great way to expand the audience for your business. Instagram has over 400 million daily active users. Since the past two years the amount of users has doubled.  About 51% are male, 49% are females. The number of monthly active users in the US in 2016 was 78 million. Let’s talk 9 Tips Using Instagram for Business.

10 tips to use instagram to grow salesOver a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online– making them 70% more likely to do so than non-users” and 50% of users follow brands.

How does Instagram Work? Learn the Lingo.

In Instagram, you will want a short bio pointing visitors to your website so they know where to buy your products. Where are your products made? Are they Made in the USA?

Track your website traffic from Instagram by using a discount code “Instagram” so you can see how many people buy using the code.

Instagram is good for advertising. Create a community and have contests. Allow visitors to post photos how they use your products. They can tag your Instagram page and you can repost that photo, showing that people use the product and the ideas that other people have when they use the product. This gives the brand even more exposure. This works especially well if the person that originally posted the photo already has a big following, redirecting them to your companies page and increasing sales.

People can like the photo, comment, save it so they can see it later, and send it to their friends via private message.

A Content Marketing strategy is about 25% of a successful marketing plan. You need to drive traffic to your engaging content. Learn more about our program to your success in Best Way to Spend $1000 Marketing Your Business.

How to Get Your Instagram Posts Noticed

Hashtags # on photos have been known to increase the number of views by 50%. Post daily and use images to show your products. The more active you are on your Instagram page, the more interest you create. There are certain times of the day that will help get the photos more exposure. Use hashtags that are commonly used in searches. Tagging your photo will help gain exposure. This kind of exposure is why using Instagram for a business is really a good idea especially if you want to expand your audience of who is looking to buy.

How Frequently Should You Post?

Post on Instagram consistently. Once or twice a day is the best. More specifically, according to Hubspot, post all day every day, Sunday through Saturday, except between 3pm and 4pm on Instagram.

What Time to Post in Instagram?

They say posting any time of day is best. It depends on when your biggest fans are online. We find that posting images at 5pm gets the most attention and likes or hearts. This increase the chances for a sale.

What to Post on Instagram?

  • Tips
  • Behind-the-Scenes photos
  • Your product photos and links
  • Questions and posts
  • Good content from others
  • Your blog post likes
  • Offers and discounts
  • Competition announcements
  • Events
  • Testimonials and success stories
  • Funny snippets from your life
  • Videos
  • fill-in-the-blanks
  • Interesting facts
  • Sneak peek photos
  • Old popular content
  • Recommendations
  • Have Fun, be fun.

Before posting, ask yourself “Is what  I’m sharing useful, interesting, informative, and entertaining? Will it help my audience to connect with me and my brand?

Top Tips for Using Instagram for Business

  1. Don’t forget to be social. Interact with your followers by liking and commenting on their posts too.
  2. Where you can, include an attractive visual element such as photo, graphics or video to your posts to increase engagement.
  3. People aren’t on social media to be sold to but people generally buy people. So, take a ‘soft sell’ approach and mix promotional posts with more personal and informative content.
  4. When you want your followers to take action, include one clear ‘call-to-action’ to tell them what to do next. Otherwise, they will just carry on scrolling.
  5. Check your social media analytics to see what is working well for you then do more of that!

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