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Design in the absense of content is not design. It's decoration.

Define Your User Persona

Developing a great user experience starts with knowing who your visitors are on a personal level. Instead of only imagining customers as potential conversions, creating a fictitious user who is representative of your target audience with their

  • Name,
  • Background,
  • Skills,
  • Age,
  • Education level, and
  • What platform they use to get to your website

can provide huge dividends for a business. The purpose of user research is figuring out what your visitors’ objectives are when visiting your website. The User Persona is going to help you plan your content strategy.

Define the Journey. How do you want your persona to interact with your website?

Create The Journey

The Journey. Listing out a step-by-step process on how a user persona would navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for will provide insights into designing a user-friendly website. A user persona that reflects your target audience will give you an understanding of everything you need to know about your visitors, from how to map your wireframes to where to place content for the people it is meant to serve.t.

Navigation should be Intuitive during each stage. Awareness, consideration, conversion.

Intuitive Navigation

Navigation. A natural, intuitive navigation on your website is comparable to a simple, but an informative sales pitch that explains who you are, what you have to offer, and how to purchase the products or services you are selling. With an organized website that has consistent navigation, visitors will become comfortable and familiar with exploring your online business. This will help you gain their trust, bring them back to the site, and get them to convert.

How We Help You

Define Your  Goals

  • We listen to your goals,
  • We help you define the right goals for your company,
  • Align team goals with the rest of your organization’s goals,

Research Best Content

Put A System in Place

  • Determine a Content Management System. A Few Vital Parts
    • Content Creation,
    • Content publication, and
    • Content analytics.
  • Publish and Manage Your Content.

Ready To Get Started?

Hit-the-Web Marketing and Carol Scalzo have been working with us for the past few years. Initially, Carol designed and implemented our website, then redid it this year (2016). Recently, Carol has been working with us to help create “traffic” to our website by using strategies such as blogging, social media marketing – social media linking between our website and social media platforms such at twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. We have noticed an increase in website traffic. We have always found Carol to be very professional and responsive to our requests. We highly recommend her and Hit-The-Web Marketing for website designs and social media marketing.

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President / Owner, Connaughton Construction

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